Get Your Poem On/ 37 Saturn Series Poetry Reading



I ran late getting to the Saturn Series poetry reading at Stone Creek Lounge and unfortunately missed some of the open-mic readers.  However, when I arrived, the lovely poet at the mic waved hello to me with a big smile.


Su Polo has run this series for over 22 years.  Amazing stamina.  When she’d lose a venue, she’d find another one.  Though it is a poetry reading, musicians and prose writers are also welcome to the stage.


I listened to the open mic-ers instead of getting my stuff in order.  I had stuffed a bunch of poems in my bag in order to get out of the house.  I never got them in order of how I’d like to present them.


Then I was introduced to the stage.  I brought all my stuff.  I knew I wanted to mainly read my poems and then end with a prose piece which was a thin slice of memoir published in Bronx Memoir Project vol. 3.


You can get your copy here:


Su’s audience is so serious, attentive, welcoming, and responsive.  I couldn’t ask for more.  Every gasp, giggle, and sigh meant so much to me.  Poems I worried might offend some were actually very well received.  I felt on a natural high.  I wish I had brought more poems to share.


I’ve been associated with Su and her reading for many, many years.  I have often felt reading at her mic as a healing experience.  My poems address painful things and ironic things.  They are from deep inside of me.  The audience in general always understands and appreciates where I’m coming from.  That alone helps me so much.  The uplifting feelings stayed.  The next day, I was able to accomplish more than on many days.


My co-feature was a very talented musician – Nelson Alxndr.  I enjoyed him a lot!  We’ve seen and heard each other over the years at different events.  He looked like he never aged.  We ended the evening with a warm hug.


About Mindy Matijasevic

Writer of nonfiction prose and poetry; actress; comic; adult basic education instructor. The name of this blog was inspired by a former student, Camille Williams, who once, in a conversation, used the phrase "get my learn on." I loved it, and it stuck in my head.
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