Get Your Poem On/ 31 4 Horse Reading

Mindy August 2013 Herald Square n           Several times a year, Bob Quatrone curates the 4 Horse Readings at the Cornelia Street Café in Greenwich Village, NYC.  He invites me to be part of it, and I am thrilled to be asked.  The line-up is worth it even if I went simply to listen.  At the last reading, I was so blown away by so many that I began jotting down lines from many of the poets.  At home, I arranged many of them into what I learned is a cento (from the Latin meaning “patchwork”).  It is composed entirely of other poets’ lines.

cornelia street cafe


Borrowed Lines*

Three strong men push hard

Heat hangs heavy

He dipped me gently into oblivion

A flip film in blue jeans

Clara puts her head between her paws

No more weeping and a-wailing, no more

I am your perennial garden

Matter alone isn’t what holds us together

Everyone starts off as a woman in the womb

The pith to survive

Born to shed words

From a single half-devoured rose

You’re not alone

No more weeping and a-wailing, no more

A bouquet for age

A sauna of soothing blues

There’s a seat for you here

*Each line came from the various talented poets at the 4 Horse Reading on January 15, 2016

Mindy Matijasevic

About Mindy Matijasevic

Writer of nonfiction prose and poetry; actress; comic; adult basic education instructor. The name of this blog was inspired by a former student, Camille Williams, who once, in a conversation, used the phrase "get my learn on." I loved it, and it stuck in my head.
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