Get Your Poem On/ 30 Sharing Goodness

Mindy at Unboxed Voices open mic May 25, 2015  Today, October 17, 2015, Bruce Weber called me to invite me to be a part of the New Year’s Day Alternative Spoken Word Extravaganza. I love being part of that happening to start a new year. There are many readers. It goes on for ten to twelve hours. Each reader gets 3 minutes. As we get closer, I will know what two-hour slot I will be in, and I will share that if anyone wants to go. Year after year, we get to see many familiar faces and hear familiar voices while we share new and/or old work. It is comforting. There is also the reality that some of our poetry family have passed away/on/over (hopefully still seeing and hearing us), and some have moved away from NYC, like one of my favorites, Charles Butler, author of 39 Poems (No Shirt Press).

Then about an hour later, I received an email informing me that two of my poems – “International Poet” and “Between the Bricks” — were selected for inclusion in an anthology which is expected to be out in December 2015.

It’s not even noon yet! I should play tonight’s lottery and daily number.

A very talented writer I know, Chavisa Woods, is trying to get a camper so her mom won’t be homeless this winter. Please read and give what you can.

About Mindy Matijasevic

Writer of nonfiction prose and poetry; actress; comic; adult basic education instructor. The name of this blog was inspired by a former student, Camille Williams, who once, in a conversation, used the phrase "get my learn on." I loved it, and it stuck in my head.
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  1. I’ll be looking forward to hearing you read, Mindy. My favorite event of the poetry year.

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