Get Your Poem On/ 24 GREAT WEATHER MEDIA Spoken Word Sundays

Mindy August 2013 Herald Square aa

Each Sunday, at the Parkside Lounge at 317 East Houston Street in NYC, from 4 – 6pm in the back room, a powerhouse of spoken word takes place.  GREAT WEATHER FOR MEDIA Spoken Word Sundays is a place to be.  Not only are the features worth it, but their open mic is quite impressive as well.  The hosting rotates among David Lawton, George Wallace, Thomas Fucaloro, and guest hosts.  Jane Ormerod, a talented and beautiful person, has a lot to do with the ongoing existence and development of Great Weather Media.  I often would receive announcements from her.


Great weather for media's photo.

My attending was long overdue.  When I got the notice that Thaddeus Rutkowski was one of the features on August 3rd, I really wanted to get there.  He is one of my favorite writers of poetry and prose.  I first heard him over twenty years ago at a reading in the Bronx when Rick Pernod ran a groundbreaking series at  An Beal Bocht.  Also featuring was someone new to me, Duane Esposito.  Another treat.  This reading was hosted by Russ Green, who made me feel welcome.

Almost every reader made my jaw drop.  It was so worth the trip (which for me was a lot of train riding).  I read one poem at the open called, “You Know What They Say” and was so well received.  I felt good the whole time I was there.

To stay updated on their line-up, you can like their Facebook page.

I highly recommend that you treat yourself to a poetry good time at Great Weather Media Spoken Word Sundays.  I look forward to getting there again.


(c) 2014 Mindy Matijasevic

About Mindy Matijasevic

Writer of nonfiction prose and poetry; actress; comic; adult basic education instructor. The name of this blog was inspired by a former student, Camille Williams, who once, in a conversation, used the phrase "get my learn on." I loved it, and it stuck in my head.
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