Get Your Poem On 41 / Election Time Coming Soon!


We can vote

without getting sick

No doctor’s note

to mail our pick

Risky though …

could end in a dump

if we don’t show

it’s a vote for Trump

He hates women, blacks

immigrants and Jews

More than that

he hates to lose

When hurt people lootin’ is worse than militia shootin’

no one’s happier than Trump and Putin

Mindy Matijasevic


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Get Your Poem On 40/ Poetry During the Pandemic


I’m in NYC, and we were the hot spot for COVID 19 for quite a while.  So I am grateful for the internet as it has provided a way to be connected to the world.  I am part of an on-line group that focuses on short poetry, Brevitas.  We submit a poem twice a month (though not mandatory) to the group and might get feedback or not.  It has helped me feel like I’m still poetically here.  Additionally, a weekly poetry workshop I sometimes attended has decided to take it to zoom.  I am so grateful.  I don’t have a webcam or mic in my desktop computer, but I can see and hear everyone and chat in the chat box.  It helped me with the loneliness.  I email my poem to the man who runs the workshop, and he screenshares it for me.  Someone reads my poem for me, and I hear the responses.  Then the leader of the group calls me on the phone and puts me on speaker, so I may respond to the comments and suggestions.  I feel so uplifted on those nights, which makes me realize how lonely this time has been.


May 2020

My problems

Precede the pandemic

Lack of hugs

Not helping


Mindy Matijasevic



Today’s accomplishments:

Bought coffee & a bagel with cream cheese

Visited my feline friend at the discount store

Shared a memory with a neighbor

Took my meds

Picked up one piece of paper clutter

Killed a roach

Took out the garbage

Drew a rainbow

& taped it to my apartment door



Mindy Matijasevic

June 13, 2020



Thanks for reading, folks.  🙂


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Get Your Poem On 39/ Forbidden



There’s something about the forbidden:

I used to be glad to have no plans and just be at home

But now that we are supposed to stay home

I want to go out.

Tell me not to touch my face

And it’ll be sure to itch.

As a teen, sex was forbidden

And was all I could think about.



Mindy (during the pandemic) Matijasevic

March 2020

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Get Your Poem On/38 Brevitas Anthology Festival

I am one of the readers!  Sunday, November 24th at 2pm.

Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery, New York, NY 10012
PRICE $10 (includes new anthology)


BREVITAS is a community of invited poets who email one or two original, short poems (14 lines max) to each other on the 1st and 15th of each month – to nurture new work and invite constructive feedback.

This Festival is the once-a-year splurge when we publicly gather to perform and project our favorite poems of the year, plus celebrate publication of the 2019 Brevitas Anthology of the Short Poem.

Featured poets include Bowery Poetry Club founder Bob Holman, City Lore founder Steve Zeitlin, Queens Poets Laureate Maria Lisella and Hal Sirowitz, Sparrow, Ron Kolm, Steve Luttrell, Patricia Carragon, John J. Trause, Dorothy Friedman August, Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, Gerd Stern, and over FORTY more dynamic and diverse poet-members. Poet-member Steve Dalachinsky will be specially honored in memoriam. Poet-member/cartoonist Flash Rosenberg will host. Followed by a brief open mic.
Co-founders Steve Zeitlin and Jim Pignetti launched Brevitas 16 years ago for a cozy circle of poet friends. The group has expanded and evolved into a powerful incubator of new poetry.

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Get Your Poem On/ 37 Saturn Series Poetry Reading



I ran late getting to the Saturn Series poetry reading at Stone Creek Lounge and unfortunately missed some of the open-mic readers.  However, when I arrived, the lovely poet at the mic waved hello to me with a big smile.


Su Polo has run this series for over 22 years.  Amazing stamina.  When she’d lose a venue, she’d find another one.  Though it is a poetry reading, musicians and prose writers are also welcome to the stage.


I listened to the open mic-ers instead of getting my stuff in order.  I had stuffed a bunch of poems in my bag in order to get out of the house.  I never got them in order of how I’d like to present them.


Then I was introduced to the stage.  I brought all my stuff.  I knew I wanted to mainly read my poems and then end with a prose piece which was a thin slice of memoir published in Bronx Memoir Project vol. 3.


You can get your copy here:


Su’s audience is so serious, attentive, welcoming, and responsive.  I couldn’t ask for more.  Every gasp, giggle, and sigh meant so much to me.  Poems I worried might offend some were actually very well received.  I felt on a natural high.  I wish I had brought more poems to share.


I’ve been associated with Su and her reading for many, many years.  I have often felt reading at her mic as a healing experience.  My poems address painful things and ironic things.  They are from deep inside of me.  The audience in general always understands and appreciates where I’m coming from.  That alone helps me so much.  The uplifting feelings stayed.  The next day, I was able to accomplish more than on many days.


My co-feature was a very talented musician – Nelson Alxndr.  I enjoyed him a lot!  We’ve seen and heard each other over the years at different events.  He looked like he never aged.  We ended the evening with a warm hug.


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Get Your Poem On/36 Upcoming Readings


Those of you in NYC might want to consider coming to these events.


I’ll be a featured reader at:


Monday, August 19th at 7:30, Saturn Series at Stone Creek Lounge, 140 E. 27 Street, back room


Sunday, September 22nd at 3:00, West Side Arts Coalition, Broadway Mall (96th and Broadway, center aisle)


Saturday, September 28th at 7:00, #SheReads2019 at NAMA, 107 West 130 Street



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Get Your Poem On/ 35 Brevitas

I am now part of the Brevitas group.  It’s an on-line NYC poetry group sharing poems of 14 lines or less.  My darling Mindy Levokove nominated me, and they accepted me.  I submitted my first poem to them which I wrote a while back.  I have received many encouraging comments.  Here’s the poem:



he took my years


as he did his first wife’s

portrays himself

as the marrying kind

unafraid of


much like

a stalker

his love

an act

of hate

Mindy Matijasevic


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Get Your Poem On/ 34 “With women and children on the street…”


I was met with a nice surprise today when I checked my inbox.  I had forgotten that I had sent a poem to Syndic No.21 which is an issue on social justice and injustice.  A friend from the NYC poetry circles, Gordon A. Gilbert, Jr., shared this on-line journal with me a while back.  I was impressed with the quality of it.  I sent a poem and the publisher expressed liking it, but I didn’t realize it was accepted.  Maybe I accidentally deleted an email, not sure.

The whole journal is definitely worth your time.  My poem is next to last in the table of contents.   It’s titled “With women and children on the street…”

Thanks for your interest and time.  Much appreciated.

Mindy Matijasevic


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Get Your Poem On/33 “Bronx Memoir Project” vol. 3


I had the honor of being part of a reading by contributors of Bronx Memoir Project volume 3.  It took place at The Huntington Free Library, over 125 years old.


Many of the contributors read a slice of memoir.  The pieces were moving in many ways.  When I read mine, I felt the room soooo with me.  That feels so validating.  Later, a number of people came over to hug me.  Real hugs, not the air waste-of-time kind.  The warmth of many Bronx people is beautiful.  Photos were taken and I hope they get shared soon.  I look forward to seeing them.


If you are curious to read the stories (they range from 1 to 5 pages each), and if you’d feel good supporting the Bronx Council on the Arts, you can use this link to purchase your copy


Mindy Matijasevic





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Get Your Poem On/ 32 – If You’re in NYC on November 17, 2018…

Hi readers.  It’s been a while.  This time, I am sharing in advance rather than afterwards — 11/17/2018 Saturday at 6pm, Cornelia Street Cafe, Cornelia Street near West 3rd Street and Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village, NYC, I am on … Continue reading

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