Get Your Poem On/ 31 4 Horse Reading

Mindy August 2013 Herald Square n           Several times a year, Bob Quatrone curates the 4 Horse Readings at the Cornelia Street Café in Greenwich Village, NYC.  He invites me to be part of it, and I am thrilled to be asked.  The line-up is worth it even if I went simply to listen.  At the last reading, I was so blown away by so many that I began jotting down lines from many of the poets.  At home, I arranged many of them into what I learned is a cento (from the Latin meaning “patchwork”).  It is composed entirely of other poets’ lines.

cornelia street cafe


Borrowed Lines*

Three strong men push hard

Heat hangs heavy

He dipped me gently into oblivion

A flip film in blue jeans

Clara puts her head between her paws

No more weeping and a-wailing, no more

I am your perennial garden

Matter alone isn’t what holds us together

Everyone starts off as a woman in the womb

The pith to survive

Born to shed words

From a single half-devoured rose

You’re not alone

No more weeping and a-wailing, no more

A bouquet for age

A sauna of soothing blues

There’s a seat for you here

*Each line came from the various talented poets at the 4 Horse Reading on January 15, 2016

Mindy Matijasevic

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Get Your Poem On/ 30 Sharing Goodness

Mindy at Unboxed Voices open mic May 25, 2015  Today, October 17, 2015, Bruce Weber called me to invite me to be a part of the New Year’s Day Alternative Spoken Word Extravaganza. I love being part of that happening to start a new year. There are many readers. It goes on for ten to twelve hours. Each reader gets 3 minutes. As we get closer, I will know what two-hour slot I will be in, and I will share that if anyone wants to go. Year after year, we get to see many familiar faces and hear familiar voices while we share new and/or old work. It is comforting. There is also the reality that some of our poetry family have passed away/on/over (hopefully still seeing and hearing us), and some have moved away from NYC, like one of my favorites, Charles Butler, author of 39 Poems (No Shirt Press).

Then about an hour later, I received an email informing me that two of my poems – “International Poet” and “Between the Bricks” — were selected for inclusion in an anthology which is expected to be out in December 2015.

It’s not even noon yet! I should play tonight’s lottery and daily number.

A very talented writer I know, Chavisa Woods, is trying to get a camper so her mom won’t be homeless this winter. Please read and give what you can.

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Get Your Poem On/29 “4 Horse Poetry Reading” at Cornelia Street Cafe

Mindy at Unboxed Voices open mic May 25, 2015

If you like to sip a drink and experience poems, consider attending a poetry reading next Friday evening, October 23, at 6pm. I am part of the line-up. I believe it is ten bucks, and that includes a drink. Not at all a rip-off.

cornelia street cafe

The reading will be downstairs. It will be over by 8pm, leaving you free to do whatever else you’d like to do on your Friday night.

One of the other poets on the line-up, Jack Cooper, made a lovely flier which I am sharing here.

poetry reading flier for 10-23-2015

It’s a good way to wind down from a week at the job. It would be nice to see you there if the mood strikes you.


4 Horse Reading

(A, B, C, D, E, F to West 4th Street and it is around the block between West 3rd and Bleecker Streets.)

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Get Your Poem On/ 28 “Shadow of the Geode” at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe

Mindy August 2013 Herald Square n  The Alternative New Year’s Day Spoken Word Extravaganza was a wonderful way to begin 2015.  And I noticed this year wasn’t as freezing as other years, which was a gift.  When I arrived, I saw my friend Mindy Levokove.  I had missed her reading/performing, but it felt so special that she was part of my new year’s day.  I didn’t expect to see her, so it was a great surprise and felt like a good omen.  The first reader I heard was a woman from the open mic list named Emily who is a teacher in DC and did a poem that brought me to tears with her passion for her students and her realization she’d been raised in “bubble wrap” and wears “a vest bullet proofed by history.”

Though there are always new voices in the mix, there’s that comforting feeling of seeing many of the same poetry peeps year after year.  And no matter how many years pass, poets seem to be forever young.  In my three minutes, I read three poems.  This was the one I opened with.

Divorce, Poor American Style

She gets to enjoy exclusive use

of the “marital residence”

otherwise known as the one-bedroom

she had years before they met

She gets to keep her name

the name her parents gave her

Thank God, in this country, she gets

to keep her clit too

It’s only fair

She let him keep his balls

 © Mindy Matijasevic 2010

Su Polo and her stage set for 1-1-15  Su Polo designs the stage set for us year after year.  Always special.

I stayed for a few hours and listened to many others.  It’s hard to leave.  But I had two trains to take and my darling dog waiting at home to eat and go out, so I didn’t stay for the whole thing.  I enjoyed much of what I did hear.  So glad I didn’t miss Miriam Stanley, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Bruce Weber, some folks whose names I don’t remember, and Pete Dolack.  I don’t recall the title of Pete’s poem, but it might have been, “My God Is Bigger than Your God.”  It sure took a look at the thinking that leads much of the world.  Somehow he made us laugh.  I treasure that.

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Get Your Poem On/ 27 New Year’s Day at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe

Mindy August 2013 Herald Square m  Hi everybody.  If you’d like to start 2015 with some poetry, there will be a FREE event lasting for ten hours from 2pm to midnight on 1/1/15.  Stay for as little or as much as you’d like.  There are over 160 readers.  Each gets 3 minutes.  There is a limited open mic throughout the day.  This alternative reading appreciates any donations of paperbacks for Books Behind Bars.

The Alternative New Year’s Day reading extravaganza will take place at the Nuyorican Poets Café, which is at 236 E. 3rd St., NYC.

This year, the event is titled, “Shadow of the Geode.”  Penny Arcade and Miguel Algarin are among those performing.  Su Polo traditionally creates a beautiful and intriguing stage design.

I, Mindy Matijasevic, will have my three minutes somewhere between 4 and 6pm.

On another note, an autobiographical prose piece of mine is included in here:

  Bronx Memoir Project

which is available at Barnes and Noble through Nook and at Amazon.

Peaceful year end / new year.

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Anthology News & An Upcoming Event

Three poems of mine, “Women Do Tell,” “El Esposo,” and “Private Encounter at an Open Mic,” were included in The Riverside Poetry Anthology, Volume 14, flabbergasted press, NY, NY.  Many other poets I enjoy are in there too.  The editors for this edition are Fred Simpson, Barbara Newsome, and Anthony Moscini.  This anthology is available on Amazon.
On Saturday, October 4, 2014, I participated in the anthology poetry reading at the library on 65th Street and Amsterdam Avenue.  That’s when it became so evident to me that two of my three poems were sexual, and we were in a well lit library.  I felt a little embarrassed but nothing that couldn’t be overcome.  It turned out that after the reading, I received so many comments of appreciation.  One woman appreciated that I allow myself to be vulnerable up there behind the mic.  A man thanked me for being charming.  One of the editors told me I have a unique voice, and he thanked me for contributing to the anthology.
I appreciate being appreciated.  I also think that everyone has a unique voice if no one is trying to sound like anyone else.  I am typically feeling vulnerable, and I am glad some find it all charming.
Two readers, Fred Simpson and Patrick Hammer, besides reading their own work, also read a poem by Margery Hauser, a wonderful poet who couldn’t be there.  Margery’s work is also in the anthology.
Then we went to the publishing party.  Lots of food, drink, and mingling.
In many ways, I am from such a different world than most of those folks that I feel like a tourist when on their land.  Yet, I’m also glad that our lands touch sometimes for good purposes and not just for an earthquake.
Another exciting event coming up that I was invited to be a part of and welcome you to attend:
NYC Parks Present a Free Preview Screening of
Women in Comedy Women in Comedy tracks the rise of women in the world of comedy, from the “dangerous” comedy of 70s sitcoms like Maude to the groundbreaking women of the 1980s American comedy club boom and building to today’s multifaceted landscape. Contemporary comics talk about where women started in this competitive, male-dominated profession and where they are determined to go.
October 16, 2014 at 11:00am-12:30pm
Poe Park Visitor Center
2640 Grand Concourse
Bronx, NY  10458
Film Screening Followed by a stand-up comedy routine by Mindy Matijasevic, a Bronx native, mom, Adult-Ed teacher, ex!-wife, poet, actress, and comic. Mindy will talk about her early experience of stepping into the stand-up comedy waters, and what she believes are still barriers to it being woman-friendly.
Event is Free, but RSVP Requested:
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Friday, September 26, 2014 I Cause Laughter at the Feminist Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY


Joy of Resistance is thrilled to announce that we will be presenting the FIRST EVER Feminist Film Festival at WBAI! It will take place on five consecutive Fridays this Fall, starting on September 26 and running through October 24 (Sept. 26, October 3, 10, 17, 24).

We’ll present “feminist classics”–the defining feminist films of many eras–and some of the directors will be present in person or via Skype. We’ll also show rare documentary shorts, feminist comedy, and have some live performance.

Showings will take place at “The Commons,” at 388 Atlantic Avenue.

Doors will open at 6:00 PM for short films, with main features starting at 7:30 PM.

This is a benefit for WBAI: Suggested donation is $20, but a sliding scale of $10-20. will be in effect. Wine and popcorn will be available.

If you sign up to become a WBAI Buddy, between now and September 24, we’ll give you a free pass to all five evenings of the festival. Your name will be at the door. Sign up at:

For further information and to get emails about the specific films to be shown on each night of the festival, email or go to


Sept. 26, Jennifer Lee’s 2013 release “Feminist Stories from Women’s Liberation” ( , getting rave reviews as it is shown across the country, with the Director to speak to us via Skype. Includes Betty Friedan’s last interview, the “Women of the World Unite” banner being placed on the Statue of Liberty in 1970, SNCC & feminism and much more. Followed by Bev Grant’s ‘Up Against the Wall, Miss America!’ (, documentary short of the Miss America Pageant Protest of 1968 (where women are rumored to have burnt their bras!). Bev Grant will join us in person to discuss the film.  Mindy Matijasevic will perform stand-up comedy.

October 3. “With a Vengeance: The Fight for Reproductive Freedom” by Lori Hiris (1989)–a gutsy fast-moving film influenced by 60’s Avant-Garde cinema (Emile D’Antonio), shows history of abortion in this country, jump-cutting between movement pioneers, clashes with the Right, an early meeting of Black women formulating what would become “the reproductive justice movement” and much more. Cameo appearance by the great Flo Kennedy. “I Had an Abortion” ( by Jennifer Baumgardner and Jillian Aldrich. From a “celebrity feminist” to an 85 yr. old Harlem woman who tells what it was like in the 1930’s, women of many ages and communities tell their personal stories about abortion.

October 10th. An evening in Celebration of Indigenous People’s/Columbus Day. We’ll present “Salt of the Earth” (1954) ( a feature-length movie that was banned by the House-of Un-American-Activities Committee, about a strike by Mexican workers–within which women rebel against their husbands to participate in the strike. Then “La Operacion” ( by Ana Maria Garcia–the documentary that broke open the scandal that a third of Puerto Rican women had been sterilized in the 1950s/60’s because of U.S. population control policies. Films will be followed a LIVE PERFORMANCE by the Indigenous Women’s singing/spoken word group Mahina Movement! ( (Plus films TBA.)

October 17: Lizzie Borden’s cult classic “Born in Flames”( A sci-fi journey into a post-revolutionary New York City where a Women’s Army, led by Black women, has formed to fully bring women into the revolution. With Flo Kennedy in a featured role! Must see!

October 24: Fundi: The Story of Ella Baker, ( Joanne Grant’s brilliant film on the not-well-enough-known woman behind many of the great campaigns of the Civil Rights Movement. Features Sweet Honey in the Rock’s “Ella’s Song.” Sweet Honey in the Rock/Raise Your Voice! ( Stanley Nelson’s award winning exploration of the world-acclaimed a capella singing goup will have you singing as you leave. (Plus films TBA.)

All screenings will take place at at 388 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, 1st Floor (between Hoyt and Bond streets–A, C or G to Hoyt-Schermerhorn/#2 or 3 to Hoyt Street).

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